Advertising Finding Your Ideal Client

Advertising | Finding Your Ideal Client

This story isn’t for Fortune 100 companies. Large companies that have been around for a while are more willing to develop an advertising strategy that has measurables other than increasing revenue.  “Increasing brand awareness…” comes to mind. That’s partly due to the traditional advertising industry’s success at changing the story from revenue to other measurables…

Content vs Production

Content vs Production | The Winner

In an ideal world, the quality of your content (writing and performance/acting) and production (scenic design, costume/wardrobe, hair and makeup, locations, cinematography, lighting, sound, editing, color correcting) would be of equal quality. But, sometimes time and cost don’t allow for both.  So which should you choose? Content While quality production can add the ultimate glow…

Future of News

Future of News | The Interested Specialist

Gone are the days of fancy buildings, huge newsroom, studios, fact-checkers, editors–the whole hierarchy of major news organizations.  Does this mean there’s no more news in print, on the web, or on TV? Obviously not. But the business case for major news organizations is long gone because almost every one of them is already dead. Death by a…