Tom Libertiny, eLearning Videos Create Valuable Client Relationships

When using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools like SalesForce, the relationship aspect is often relegated to an automated pipeline of  Emails asking: “How can I help you?” or “Are you ready to make a purchase?”

Similar to any good friendship, a good relationship revolves around two things:

  1. Periodicly inquiring how a client is doing with no other agenda.
  2. Providing your client with helpful information.

Do these two things well, and you’ll substantially increase retention of your present clients and gain new clients through referrals.

eLearning Videos

Along with audiobooks, eLearning videos provide your clients with valuable and actionable knowledge in a format that works for them.

Know Your Client

The first thing to determine and add to your CRM database is how your clients prefer to receive valuable information. Some are traditional readers or prefer in-person classes, while others prefer audiobooks or videos.

The other benefit of having this data is when you actively expand your client base beyond referrals. By data mining your CRM, whether with a built-in function, through SQL, or with Artificial Intelligence, you can update the psychographics of your Ideal Client Persona. Then, you’ll know who your target is for an advertising campaign.

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Tom Libertiny, eLearning Videos Create Valuable Client Relationships

Creating Valuable Content

Creating an eLearning video is time-consuming and expensive. But with the advent of Artificial Intelligence tools, researching data and creating graphs, images, videos, and voiceovers can now be done in hours instead of days or weeks.

Anatomy of eLearning

eLearning videos have the same anatomy as I covered in my previous Anatomy of an Ad article, with the difference being Section 2 (Customer Benefit). With eLearning, the video itself is the benefit.

Section 1: Introductory Hook. This section’s sole purpose is to grab your target audience’s attention and entice them to watch the second section. The visual used must be relevant to what you’re selling. As consumers know, a click-bait hook will, at most, do nothing to entice your target audience to watch the rest of your ad, and it could ruin an organization’s reputation, which is very expensive to repair.

Section 2: Customer Benefit. This section provides valuable information for your clients and potential clients. Similar to Section 1, it must be compelling enough to encourage your target audience to proceed to Section 3.

Section 3: Call to Action. After watching the advertisement, a clear call to action must be


My client saved 75% off what they usually pay for this type of eLearning video. I also saved them the time and frustration that can come from trying to project manage all the people traditionally involved with creating eLearning videos.

Here’s an example of an eLearning video created primarily with Artificial Intelligence tools in less than 8 hours.

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Helpful AI Tools

Secrets to Success

  1. Put the relationship back into your CRM process by creating useful eLearning videos for your clients.
  2. Artificial Intelligence can substantially reduce the cost and time to create a series of advertisements.
  3. Use a database, SQL, and AI to analyze psychographic similarities between your current and future clients before launching an ad campaign to reach new clients.

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