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Strategic Marketing & Advertising | Part 2

It’s no surprise that word-of-mouth remains the best method of advertising.  But contrary to what seems logical, your successful marketing strategy should revolve around identifying and engaging with The 2nd Person who is interested in hearing and retelling your story.

While these people are still part of your extremist/early adopters (Otaku as Seth Godin describes), they’re not at the bleeding edge—meaning that they’re not The 1st Person.

Why are they important?

The 2nd Person gives credibility to the movement started by The 1st Person.

As the old business adage states |

Almost no one wants to be first—it’s too expensive.  Expensive in both societies’ reactions and from a financial perspective.

Examples |

Amazon and Zoom were not the first ones in their respective markets.  They let other people and companies go first.  Then having learned from their successes and mistakes, they were able to be successful by having superior execution and by lending 2nd Person credibility to their sectors.


How do you find them?

Often you can find The 2nd Person via The 1st Person.

In the virtual world (Examples include Linkedin and Reddit) they’ll be the people who actively participate with questions and high-quality advice under a statement, article, or question posed by someone else (The 1st Person).

In a public setting, the video in Part 1 of this series visually tells the tale on how to spot both The 1st Person and 2nd.


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Photography by Jacek Dylag

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