2018 Entertainment Survey Women

2018 Entertainment Survey | Women

Results and conclusions from my biannual survey of the entertainment industry for 2018.  Results and observations from my 2016 entertainment survey of women are available HERE

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1. For women who watch movies at theaters, pricing was a major consideration. In most markets, $10 to $20 was the new acceptable range. This was a pricing increase from the results of my 2016 survey.

2. For women who were less frequent patrons of entertainment outside of their home, they selected special events: primarily concerts. It wasn’t surprising that money was less of an issue, with the majority of women stating that they’d pay in excess of $50 per ticket and some as high as $150 per ticket.

2018 Entertainment Survey Women1

Chart 1 | 2018 Entertainment Survey
| Women Top 3 Choices
Survey | Tom Libertiny

Additional Observations

Setting aside the attendance of movies, pricing issues overall slightly decreased from my previous study.  This is likely due to the overall decrease in the frequency of attending entertainment events.  The results:

  1. While the total acceptable ticket price increased; due to the decrease in the frequency of attendance, the total annual spending rate for women decreased.
  2. But, along with the increase in acceptable ticket prices came a noticeable increase in the required quality of a venue.
2018 Entertainment Survey Women2

Chart 2 | 2018 Entertainment Survey
| Women Top 3 Decision Factors
Survey | Tom Libertiny


Essentially, women are demanding unique live events held at a high quality or unique venues (Example:  historic venues).

Venue qualities that were important in 2016 (Examples: Good quality service, cleanliness, safe, easy-to-find, and available parking), are now a must-have.

Clearly the reduced frequency of attendance by women at events leaves venue owners with the need to re-double their business strategy and implementation efforts from what I wrote in my 2016 analysis:

  1. Find appealing, unique content providers.
  2. Ensure that your venue provides all the comforts of home in a unique venue and setting.
  3. Recruit new audiences while retaining your present one.

By accomplishing these three items, over the long run, your advertising expenses should decrease as word-of-mouth advertising takes over.  And with the increase in the acceptable per ticket price, your net margin per event should increase.

As I said in 2016:  The benefit of this business model: A much more diversified and larger overall audience that is more recession-proof.

2018 Entertainment Survey Women3

Chart 3 | 2018 Entertainment Survey
| Women Frequency of Attendance
Survey | Tom Libertiny

Last Word

With the availability of so much entertainment in the home environment, coupled with the convenience of being at home, content providers and venue owners truly need to provide the very best in order to entice women to attend your event.



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