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Movie Financing | Steven Soderbergh

“What if you could make a movie that cut out studios entirely, allowing the filmmaker to do as he or she pleased?”

Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming movie Logan Lucky puts into place a system that is designed to end the way most visual artists work with traditional studios, much as CDBaby,, and Apple iTunes ended the way musicians worked with the music entertainment industry.

“It’s simple.  You sell the foreign rights ahead of time in order to finance the cost of producing the film. Then you sell everything except the movie showing up in a movie theater–like HBO, Netflix, VOD, television rights, airplane replays–to pay for advertising and prints of the movie. And, voilà, independence.”

By doing it his way, Soderbergh and his creative partners get nearly half the box office money directly from the theaters.”

The Bottom Line

With the death of traditional financial gatekeepers within many industries, entrepreneur financing is becoming easier due to financial models that include |

(Reference:  Successful low-budget movies)


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