Effective Meetings

Effective Meetings

We’ve all attended meetings where a group of people sit around a table and simply read a play-by-play of what they’ve accomplished or hope to accomplish in a certain period of time.

This is not an effective meeting.


There are plenty of platforms that allow for project tracking.  Project Management software is very reasonably priced.

The Benefit |

Anyone can see the status of the project at a time that’s convenient for them and add to the record.

Can’t afford Microsoft Project?  Try Google Smartsheet.

Prefer a less-structured approach:  Shared documents, web-based groups or even E-mailing a group of people is more effective than a play-by-play meeting.

What makes an effective meeting?

  1.  When you need a group of people to actively discuss a concept.
  2. There’s a specific agenda, a clear set of outcomes, and a schedule distributed days in advance of the meeting to all participants.
  3. One person runs the meeting and ensures that everyone actively contributes during the meeting.
  4. One person is charged with recording meeting minutes and distributing them quickly to the team (24 hours later).
  5. The meeting starts and stops on schedule.


Photography by Djim Loic

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