The Story of Maybe

The Story of Maybe | Facebook Like vs. YouTube Subscribe

“Maybe.”  When you’ve asked a person out for coffee and their response is “maybe” that’s the equivalent to a Facebook “Like.”  Their response could mean:

  1. If I don’t have anything else to do, let’s have coffee.
  2. If something better doesn’t come along, we can have coffee.
  3. If I don’t end up binge-watching my favorite show, we can get coffee.

“Maybe” is noncommittal.  So is a Facebook “Like.”  It’s easy to say or do and it creates the atmosphere of a response.  In actuality, it’s no response at all. Marketing people call this a lack of “engagement.”  The person on the receiving end of “maybe” doesn’t know what will happen.

You can rack up a lot of “maybes” to show off to your business clients, friends, and family.  But in the end, what have you really accomplished?

YouTube Subscribe

Compare “maybe” to a person who takes the time to subscribe to your YouTube channel.  It’s not nearly as easy and takes some thought. A person has to:

  1. Login to their Google/Gmail account.
  2. Search for your video channel.
  3. Click on the “Subscribe” button.

That’s a commitment level much higher than “maybe.”  Their response is “yes, let’s go have some coffee.”  A YouTube “subscribe” isn’t a guarantee that they’ll have coffee with you, but your chances are much higher than with “maybe.”


Why you should move from “maybe” to “yes?”

It’s the age-old question of Quantity vs. Quality.  If you have a large amount of “maybe” responses (at least 100,000), eventually some of these will turn into “yes.”

It’s the same shotgun approach that people use to find jobs |

Send out hundreds of generic resumes and you’ll eventually get the response you’re looking for:  “come on in for an interview.”

But do you really want that type of “yes?”  You may get very lucky, and your shotgun approach turns into the perfect match.  Likely, you’ll go have coffee and determine that this “yes” was not right for you.  Or maybe you’ll just settle.

Instead, if you take the time to make a more compelling statement about yourself and ask that people walk with you a little way down the path, the results will likely be fewer people who respond.  But.  The quality and commonality that you have with these people will be much more valuable for both of you.


How do you move from “maybe” to “yes?”

  1. Have video content on YouTube that is either entertaining or instructional, preferably both.
  2. Tell everyone about how entertaining or useful your YouTube channel is and why they should take the time to subscribe.
  3. Keep adding new videos that have quality content and good production values.


Contrarian viewpoint

Derek Sivers makes the point that Quantity leads to Quality.


Example of a video that’s both Informative and Entertaining:



Photography by Marc Liu

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