One of the important lessons I’ve learned is the need to maintain momentum while working on a project.

Benefits |

  1. It’s fun!  While we’re technically working, it never seemed like work because the time just flew by.
  2. We finished our week-long project a half day early which allowed us even more time to experiment than we expected.
  3. We were able to get much better performances from everyone because we fed off of each other’s energy.

How |

What can you do to achieve the same thing in your own endeavours?  Three things:

  1. People | Ensure that you have the right people.  It may take several iterations to recruit the right team.  This is not to say that earlier versions were bad.  But it takes practice to really pay attention and find people who have a complete understanding of your project and who bring their own unique viewpoint to it.  I also combined my usual focus of bringing together people who had differing viewpoints with a new-found focus on a shared foundational point-of-view.
  2. Preparation | Our team walked into our project fully prepared to work.  This took us three months for this particular project.
  3. Atmosphere | I’ve been good with this area almost from the start. The key points:
    • The right space.
    • All the equipment we needed was available without having to search for it.



Photography by Miguel Bruna

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