What’s the benefit of planning?  It’s creating the time structure that leads to success.  And with a good plan, I no longer have to think too much about the series of actions that need to happen during a certain time interval.  This allows for time to discover those amazing unplanned moments.

  • A better way to achieve a goal.
  • A new market.
  • A completely new business.

Tools of the Trade

Microsoft Project (Gantt Chart) and Google Smartsheet (Gantt Chart) are helpful big-picture planning tools for projects that last a long period of time: six months, a year, multiple years.

While these software products are helpful and have some great functionality (automated critical path identification) for very detailed planning, usually in increments of minutes or less, I end up using Microsoft Excel.  Since it’s a generalist tool (spreadsheet) its user interface isn’t designed for planning but it more than makes up for it by being extremely flexible.  And its flexibility is what helps me to really dig down into the fine details needed for planning.


The other tool needed is time.  And you’ve probably guessed it by now:  the more planning you’re able to do, the more time you’ll create.


Photography by Med Badr Chemmaoui


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